I’m looking for a place outside of tumblr to blog. I want to write with more content and less photos, more of “me” and less of some random photo I thought was pretty.

Hello, I’m Kristina.

20 years old, with a incredible desire to become an optometrist. The visual system as a whole intrigues me each and every waking hour. I wear glasses because as a child, I abused my eyes by reading in poor lighting conditions. (Being christened with glasses might have festered this love for the optical system) This only illustrates how much I do enjoy reading (even now I might hide under my sheets with nothing but a pen light and my kindle.) I also enjoy singing, playing my ukulele, cooking, biking, playing word games off of my phone, and making people smile.

This blog is to document the merging of two separate journeys. For years I’ve kept them separate because I didn’t know how to adequately integrate my beliefs and faith into my daily life. I still keep separate those two journeys on a different blog domain, but here, without feeling hindered to write to a specific audience (ie. friends or people I actually know) I can write a bit more freely, to strangers.

I’m not always deep and intriguing, and most days it’ll just be me being thankful for all the blessings/obstacles I encounter throughout the day. With that, welcome. Most photos will come off of my silly cell phone or off of a camera I got off of craigslist. I’m no photographer, nor do I know how to play with the knobs and buttons, but it’ll be fun trying to make content without taking it from other sources.




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