I always feel like my birthday falls on the most inconvenient day for me. Right before finals. Right before a memorial for a deceased friend. Right before my uncle goes for another round at battling cancer. Right before A and Z and everything inbetween.

Maybe I’m being petty.

Yes I am being petty.

But I’d really appreciate someone wanting to do something for my 21st birthday. But we have other obligations to tend to, other priorities to finish etc. Wanted a big dinner with the company of some good friends around, but even that seems like a hassle to everyone who’s cramming for their exams.

“How about the week after, Kristina?”

Still can’t, we’re still taking exams.

“The week after that?”

Well, a lot of the people whom I had anticipated spending it with are leaving for other various activities and are going home for a bit. Which they should do, since they spent 9 ish months studying their butts off, everyone deserves to go home. Right? I’d go home, see my parents, spend time with them and come back to my apartment to work the next months after that. AND study for my OAT (which I’m awful at preparing for.)

I’m just kind of realizing how much my birthday has been on the back burner every year because of where its placed. Thank you God for giving me a day of birth, for giving me life on that very day. I’m sorry I’m being so whiny.


This is also another random thought, but I guess that stress causes me to be annoyed easily, as if my tolerance for others have diminished. I’ll walk out of a room to kind of stop from crying out of frustration or just silently sit in the bathroom collecting my “cool” until I’m presentable again. 

Maybe I just suck at socializing.

I think its that too. But I’d really appreciate it if some stranger was coming over to my apartment to party, that someone would introduce me to them…I mean it’s my apartment after all, and it’s just common courtesy. 

Me me me me me Me me Me me Me ME me ME ME ME me me.

I know, shut up already.

Totally just wanted to vent while putting together a slideshow of histology slides and models of the digestive, urinary, and reproductive system.


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A wine connoisseur, avid ukulele player, a e-book/physical hoarder, beauty n00b, and your new friend!

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