Heart and Arteries

Heart and Arteries

The nice thing about being involved in patient care is knowing at the office I work at, we get immediate results. That’s probably one of the most rewarding things about optometry job. A piece of glass mends your vision, and sometimes a piece of plastic inserted into your eyeball can help readjust some words on a wall for you,

Another wonderful perk, I am constantly interacting with different people. Today an adorable couple came in, no older than 50, and both of them still seemed like they were teenagers starting out in their dating life. They were telling me of their children and grandchildren and as soon as the husband was called to the exam room, his wife asks sheepishly
“can I come along?”
I told her kindly that she was free to go with him. Literally seconds after, he grabs her hand and pulls her along and tells her sweetly
“I can’t go anywhere without you, baby!”

My heart melts at work every day that I am there.

I don’t mind calling insurance companies and I don’t mind dealing with some irritable patients, all in all, everyone walks out happy and seeing with a new pair of eyes…it feels like


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